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Abolex opens a new office in Albir


THURSDAY April 8 saw the inauguration of the new shared offices of Abolex Lawyers and Luz Mediterranea estate agents, located at 16 Avinguda Oscar Espla in Albir.

The law firm is headed by Martin de la Herran, an Andalucian lawyer known for his candidacy for president of the Junta de Andalucia and his involvement in prominent national cases such as kidnapped babies, the ERE and training fund frauds in Andalucia, or the causes of corruption in the Andalucian UGT.

Currently, the firm is a national reference point for the cases of homebuyers up against various banks and insurers for failing to insure their deposits for off plan property purchases. It also provides ‘developments in the legal sector’, including free consultations or initiatives such as ‘if we don’t win, we don’t charge.’

His extensive experience in the real estate sector – he was a manager for a British multinational in the Valencian community for seven years – has led him to open the firm’s second office alongside a new estate agent, Luz Mediterranea, which is headed by the German Wolfgang Genieser, who has regularly lived in both countries due to his family origins and business career.

Wolfgang Genieser has worked as a director of Spanish, German, and US companies in both Spain and South America for 36 years. He began to make contacts in the Spanish real estate sector through an association in 2002  leading him to form Luz Mediterranea in 2012.

Luz Mediterranea was created for the sale of real estate properties via the internet, with a particular focus on the European market, and in late 2015 the company decided to open an office with Abolex Lawyers in El Albir.

Laura Vaquero works alongside Martin and Wolfgang, with her roles encompassing legal advice for foreign clients and management of both companies. Laura was born in Madrid but spent much of her life in England in order to advance her university education, culminating in a post graduate position in International Business Management (IBM).

She has held senior positions in the marketing, communication and customer service departments of Spanish, German and American multinational companies throughout her professional career.


sábado, 9 de abril de 2016